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How Do I Remove a Tree Too Close to House?

Trees add beauty and value to our homes, providing shade, privacy, and a touch of nature. However, when a tree is too close to a house, it poses significant risks, from structural damage to safety hazards. Understanding when and how to remove such a tree is important for homeowners. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons for tree removal near houses, the potential dangers of leaving them unaddressed, and the proper steps to safely remove a tree that’s too close for comfort.

Removing Tree Close To The House in Orlando, FL

When It Is Necessary to Remove a Tree Near the House?

Identifying the need to remove a tree close to your house is the first step in preventing potential damage. Trees that are diseased, dead, or showing signs of instability should be addressed promptly. Proximity to the house that poses a clear risk to the structure, such as branches touching the roof or roots encroaching on the foundation, also requires action. Regular inspection and consultation with tree care professionals can help determine the right course of action.

What Happens if a Tree is Too Close to Your House?

The implications of a tree’s proximity to your house can range from minor inconveniences to significant structural damage, highlighting the importance of timely intervention:

  • The Risk of Tree Roots Growing Under Your Foundation – Tree roots seeking moisture and nutrients can extend far beyond the tree’s canopy, potentially growing under your home’s foundation. This intrusion can lead to uneven soil displacement, causing foundation cracks and structural instability. The gradual nature of this damage often goes unnoticed until it becomes severe, emphasizing the need for pre-emptive tree removal in some cases.
  • The Impact of Overhanging Branches on Your Roof and Gutters – Branches that overhang a house can scrape against roofing materials, leading to wear and tear over time. During storms or high winds, the risk of these branches breaking and falling increases, potentially causing damage to the roof, gutters, or even windows. Regular pruning may lessen this risk temporarily, but for long-term safety, removing the tree might be the wisest decision.
  • Potential for Tree Limbs to Fall and Damage Property– Beyond the immediate vicinity of the home, falling tree limbs can damage cars, outdoor furniture, and other property. The liability concerns of such damage, especially if it affects neighboring properties, can be significant. Assessing the health and stability of trees close to your house can prevent such costly incidents.

Steps to Remove a Tree Too Close to the House

Removing a tree near your house requires careful planning and consideration of the surrounding environment to avoid damage and ensure safety. Here are the recommended steps to follow:

  1. Assessment and Planning – A thorough assessment by a certified arborist can determine the best approach for removal, considering the tree’s size, health, and proximity to structures.
  2. Obtaining Necessary Permits – Many localities require permits for tree removal, especially for larger trees or protected species. Make sure that you comply with local regulations to avoid any legal issues.
  3. Choosing the Right Method – Depending on the location and size of the tree, different removal methods, such as sectional dismantling or felling in one piece, may be considered.
  4. Safety Precautions – Establishing a safety perimeter, using the proper equipment, and having a clear plan in case of emergency are essential steps to protect both the workers and your property.
  5. Clean-Up and Stump Removal – After the tree is removed, dealing with the stump and cleaning up the debris are the final steps to restore your property.

Partner with a Professional Company for Tree Removal

Given the complexities and risks involved in removing a tree close to a house, partnering with a professional tree removal company is strongly advised. These experts have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to remove trees safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk to you and your property, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.


Removing a tree that’s too close to your house is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration and professional assistance. Understanding the potential risks and the steps involved in tree removal can help homeowners make informed decisions to ensure the safety and integrity of their homes. By taking proactive measures and seeking expert guidance, you can protect your property from the dangers posed by trees that are close to your home.

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