Our Staff

Dale E. Meagher Dale Meagher - President of A Budget Tree Services, Inc

President/Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for A Budget Tree Service, Mr. Meagher oversees both days to day operations and forecasts future planning. He also handles the commercial and governmental agencies’ arbor accounts. He grew up around A Budget Tree Service and learned the Urban Forestry business from the ground up. Mr. Meagher has continued his education in Urban Forestry by attending ISA/UF sponsored seminars on proper pruning, tree structure, and tree hazard assessment. He has also attended courses on invasive species identification, palm tree disease, and nutritional deficiencies in the landscape.


  • Certified Tub Grinder operator
  • Lift & Grapple operator
  • Bobcat specialist
  • Pruning for structure & subrogation specialist
  • Crew Supervisor
  • Supervised Seminole County Parks & Trails Projects
  • Supervised Coral Springs & Pine Tree Canal Waterway Exotic Species Removal Project
  • Government Bid proposals
  • Class B CDL

Brad Smith Brad Smith - Arbor Care Specialist

Residential & Commercial Arbor Care Specialist – Operations Manager’s Assistant

Mr. Smith joined our team in 2009, bringing years of expertise in plant care and maintenance. He is currently in training for technical arbor care. He is a detail oriented person and is proving himself to be an asset to our team. He is currently studying to become an ISA Certified Arborist.


  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Sales & estimating projects
  • Operation of bobcats and other heavy equipment
  • Wide variety of computer skills
  • Class B CDL
  • Advertising and marketing specialist
  • Planning and design specialist
  • Crew supervisor
  • Residential and Commercial liaison

Eric Shaw Eric Shaw - tree equipment specialist

Crane Operator & Equipment Technician

Mr. Shaw has been with A Budget Tree Service for 8 years and is an exceptional Crane Operator. He has put in over 6000 hours doing tree removals. He is an extremely focused individual while rigging and engineering the removal of a tree. He has that intuitive nature when communicating with the Crew Leader and the ground crew as they are taking apart a hazardous tree safely. He is also a highly skilled operator of other heavy equipment as well. Along with his many talents, he is relied on for his expertise in the electrical field of equipment, lighting and mechanical repairs.


  • Crane & Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Over 10,000 hours as crane operator for tree removals
  • Tub Grinder Operator
  • Lift & Grapple Operator
  • Performed Crane Operations at Coral Springs & Pine Tree Waterway Exotic Species Removal Project in South Florida
  • Transport and Delivery of Canal Barge with grapple throughout canal system in South Florida
  • Equipment Technician
  • Lighting Technician
  • CDL Class B (w/air brakes)
  • DC Circuitry Specialist
  • Hazardous Tree Removal & Rigging Specialist
  • Bobcat Operator
  • Certified Tub grinder Operator

Gregorio “David” Soriano Gregorio Soriano: Winter Springs Arborist

Crew Foreman/Climber/Arborist

Mr. Soriano has been with A Budget Tree Service for over 13 years. He is a highly skilled tree removal expert – with and without crane assist – and pruning specialist with practiced skills in the main stem development of young trees, subrogation pruning, maintenance pruning, and restorative pruning. A professionally trained Arborist, he was educated in the science of trees through Alpine, The Care of Trees, New Jersey and attended a tree college in Virginia annually. He has continued his education in Urban Forestry here in Florida by attending Seminars and classes given through the ISA/UF. He is an experienced Crew Leader and Foreman.


  • Hazardous Tree Removals during hurricanes of 2004
  • Assisted Dr. Ed Gilman’s ISA class as a Climber/Pruner at Leu Gardens in 2006
  • Restorative Pruning Specialist post-hurricane damage
  • Climber 1 Certification
  • Crew Leader Certification
  • Tree Care University
  • Arbormaster Training
  • CDL Class A (w/Air brakes)
  • Structural & Main Stem Development Pruning Specialist
  • Hazard Tree Removals with Crane Assist Specialist

Travio Haas Travio Haas: Arborist

Crew Foreman/Climber/Arborist

Mr. Haas is an expert tree climber, skilled and educated through the Tree Care Industry Association. With more than ten years of experience, he has mastered the art of tree trimming, which includes structural pruning, proper thinning of trees, and proper crown reductions to help a maturing tree decline safely while still contributing to the environment. He is also proficient in removing trees safely and accurately, including removal by crane, bucket trucks, or climbing. He has extensive experience with Right-of-Way trimming and removals in high traffic areas, making sure communication and safety is at the highest level. He has been a Foreman on major projects for the City of Oviedo, City of Maitland, City of Winter Park, and the University of Central Florida.


  • CDL Class A
  • Hazardous Tree Removal & Rigging Specialist
  • Bobcat Operator
  • Climber/Pruning Specialist
  • Bucket Truck Operator/Specialist
  • Equipment Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Groundsaw Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Curtis L. Harmon, Jr. Curtis Harmon, Jr: Tree crew foreman

Crew Foreman/Climber/Arborist/Heavy Equipment Operator

Mr. Harmon is a valued employee that has worked from the ground up with A Budget Tree Service. Over 13 years ago, he began as a groundsman and worked his way up to Climber Trainee, then to Climber’s Assistant, and, now, to Crew Leader/Climber. His performance – steady and consistent – has advanced to being able to handle complicated hazards that require crane assisted removals. He has attended ISA/UF sponsored seminars for tree pruning, structure and hazard tree assessment.


  • Pruning for Structure and Main Stem Development Specialist
  • Grapple Truck Operator
  • Removal & Rigging Specialist
  • Bucket Truck Operator/Specialist
  • Crew Leader/Ground Foreman
  • Brush Chipper Operator & Maintenance
  • Equipment Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Groundsaw Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Ground Equipment Operator
  • Mechanic
  • Climber/Pruning Specialist
  • Class A CDL
  • Bobcat Operator

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